Fire Detection Systems

We offer a wide range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Specialty Detection Products

We offer many specialty detection products including Very Early Aspirating Smoke Detection, Gas Detection (Combustible, Toxic and other specialist Gases), Flame Detection (UV/IR and Triple IR), Linear Heat detection specification (Analogue, Digital and Fiber Optic systems), Beam Detection Systems and Leak Detection Systems (Water and Oil Leakage).

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Automation and Controls has been at the forefront of Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems in Lebanon & Africa. With Inergen Suppression Systems, we are able to offer clients with sustainable, environmentally-friendly technology to protect their most valuable assets. We also provide FM-200 and Novec suppression systems.

Water-based Fire Fighting Systems

From traditional Sprinkler and Hose Reel Systems to advanced Deluge, Water Spray and Water Mist technologies, Automation and Controls has the right solutions for all types of fire risks.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Our range of Fire Fighting equipment includes approved and listed products from A&C’s world-leading brands selection of extinguishers, hydrants, monitors, hose reels, mobile equipment and other engineered systems such as Kitchen hood R-102 Suppression and Aerosols.

Foam Fire Suppression Systems


With a complete range of Foam equipment and devices – foam pourers, monitors, foam deluge, foam skids, bladder tanks, foam hose reels, foam agents – Automation and Controls provides Foam System solutions that protect virtually any hazard where flammable liquids are present.

Dry Chemical / Twin Agent Fire Suppression System

Fighting even the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires, Automation and Controls offers proven technology with its Dry Chemical and Twin Agent Fire Suppression Systems, which provide maximum fire knockdown ability that help minimize the risks of fire.